If You Love Motorcycles, There is a Special Place For You

The Dayton Motorcycle Club

We’ve been home to motorcycle enthusiasts since the dawn of motorcycling, serving the motorcycling community for over 100 years.

A Club For All Riders
If you love motocross, hare scrambles, dual sport, enduro, adventure or any other kind of dirt riding, DMC is the place for you.
A Club For All Brands
DMC is not a single brand club- all brands and styles of bikes are welcome.
A Club For A Lifetime
Motorcycles are a lifetime passion, but it’s normal for your interests to change with time. DMC members enjoy and embrace those changes. When their interests change there are always members who share that interest and can help them or share their interest.
It’s the same way with bikes- when members change models or brands, they never feel disconnected or out of place.
When you come to DMC, you’ll see why so many members stay active their whole lives- DMC is a club you’ll never outgrow.
A Place for Motorcycling
The focal point of DMC’s world is the Club Grounds. Located on thirty-four acres within the city limits of Dayton, Ohio, DMC is every rider’s dream facility. Our clubhouse is a modern 4000 square foot brick and block building, complete with meeting room, bar, kitchen, rest rooms, central heating and air conditioning. Outside, there’s paved parking and a large patio for relaxing and socializing.
Members also have easy access to DMC’s well-maintained MX track. Located on the clubhouse property, members can come up at any time and ride. The club also has a shooting range and hunting available for members on its 64 acre Devil's Staircase Hillclimb property just south of Oregonia. This facility includes a camping area along the Little Miami river.
Supporting the Motorcycle Community and Beyond
DMC supports the motorcycle community by promoting motocross, hare scrambles and other race events, including the famous Devil’s Staircase Pro Hillclimb each year at Oregonia, Ohio. DMC provides key support for the annual Old Time Newsies charity half-mile race. DMC also supports motorcyclist rights groups and other local charities.
DMC Membership
People think it costs a lot of money to belong to DMC. That’s not true- dues are only $12 per year. Rather than money, DMC members earn their membership by devoting a significant amount of time and effort to organization and promotion of club events. Strong members make a strong organization. That’s why DMC is able to celebrate a century of motorcycling.
Find out more about one of the best motorcycle clubs anywhere- Look DMC up at www.daytonmc.com. Better yet, attend one of our weekly meetings. We meet at the Clubhouse every Wednesday night at 8:00PM. Guests are always welcome.
If You Love Motorcycles, Dayton Motorcycle Club is the Place For You.